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Commercial Property (La Grande, OR.) 

July 17th, 2015

***These EVP's were caught on audio using our P SB-7 Spirit Box and our digital voice recorder. These clips are 100% authentic and untouched. ENJOY!!!


What's Mary's sisters name?..."LINDA"

This one is interesting. At the end of this you will hear one of us say "HOLY..." The reason for that is because at the same time it said "RIVER", It felt like Samie was electrocuted.

                                                                             Don't be afraid..... "RIVER"

What's my name... "BETTY"


Are there more than one of you?..."THREE"

Does that dress belong to somebody you knew...or know?.... "N/A"

Did you work here?..."YEAH"

Do you try to get Mary's attention when she's here by herself?..."YEAH"

After getting electrocuted in the clip above...

That was wierd..."GOTCHA?"

I think your a female; is that true?... "How would you know?"

Residual Noises 

If that said my name Betty, that's your mother... "MOTHER"

At 9:24:43 PM on the screen you will see the lights turn on and off quickly. All of our investigators were on the other side of the building at this time. Look at the top left corner of the screen during this part of the video and tell us what you see!


At 9:25:20 PM on the screen you will see another great orb!

At 10:49:30 PM on the screen you will see yet another cool orb.

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