About Us


Founder &

Lead Investigator


       Samie was born and raised in La Grande, Oregon. Living and working on her family farm, she was taught from an early age that hard work gives the best results in life. 

       She graduated from University of Phoenix with a degree in Business. Samie has been intrigued by the paranormal her entire life, but has been investigating actively since 2007. Working with another paranormal group made her re-think how investigating should be done. From that point on, EVP Group began.  

       Samie is a mother of two beautiful children and a Reiki Master. She is currently honing her abilities as a Psychic Healer.




Rookie Investigator

     Truvy is the daughter of Samie and has had an interest in the paranormal since before she could walk. The majority of her adolescence has been at a consistent level of paranormal experiences. This apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to her fascination concerning the 'unknown'. 

     Truvy is fluently self-taught at American Sign Language, enjoys music, and anything involving animals.

     Truvy is honing her newly discovered abilities as a psychic with clairsentience abilities.


Marketing & Investigator


       Suz is the matriarc of the group, aka the old lady. She just re-located to La Grande, Oregon from a 23 year visit to Boise, Idaho.

        She has been investigating since 2009 and was a member of the International Paranormal Research Group.

       Suz is a care giver for her grand-son during the day, but in her spare time designs and makes jewelry, is restoring a vintage travel trailer and keeps up with her two Shih Tsu puppies, Rizzo and Ernie.

       She has 3 daughters, two of which are on this page and 6 grandkids!





& Investigator


        Marcie was born and raised a farmer's kid. She has always been the tom-boy type. Like most hard-headed kids, she never liked to be told "no!"  She and her sister were raised that hard work and determination will pay off.

       Marse is the mother of two handsome young gentleman, a stay at home mom, and avid beader of her own line of jewelry. 

       She has mad skills in genealogy research and really has a nack for finding historical facts.



Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Therapist

     Elle is a new member to the team as of August 2018.  Elle is a  writer / academic / and complementary health therapist working from Sage Center for Healing.

     Elle adds a completely new spin on the EVP Group with abilities to clear a location of the paranormal, help ghosts move on, and educating people about the paranormal, and their own spiritual protection and development.


Reiki Master & Psychic Healer

     Heather is our other new member of  the team as of August 2018.  She grew up in a small mountain town with her mother and older brother.  At 20, she married her best friend and went on to have 2 beautiful children who are both sensitive like herself. 

     Heather ran her own massage & energy healing business for 9 years before joining forces with her business partner Elle at their holistic spa and healing center in La Grande, Oregon.

     Heather is a talented massage therapist and a Reiki Master which enables her to heal spirits and people from a distance. She adds the cherry on the top of this group with her ability to clear a location of the paranormal.

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